Introducing… Akron Women in Tech
Jul 7th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Are you a woman interested in learning to code? Are you a woman who loves to code but wants to learn more or interested in mentoring other women? Akron Women in Tech wants you to join our community of women and friends who are interested in learning to code websites and mobile applications. No experience required. We are looking for learners, teachers, mentors, and tech enthusiasts.

For more details, see


Cleveland Ruby Brigade – Jekyll 2.0 Workshop – 7/10
Jul 1st, 2014 by Joel Byler

Learn about Jekyll, the static site generator brought to us from some of the fine folks at Github.

6:00-7pm – Networking / Install Help
7:00-? – Jekyll 2.0 Workshop


This is a hands-on workshop, so please bring along a laptop with Ruby installed or come early for assistance!

We’ll be building a site from setup to deployment, and then deploying it via Github Pages. After this workshop, you should be able to build and deploy your own sites via Github Pages as well!

* there will be space available if you’re interested in Kata / Pairing / Networking for the entire event.

Talking Tech Over Breakfast!
Jun 26th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Calling all techies!  If you’re ever finding yourself wanting to get together to talk tech over breakfast, know that you aren’t alone.  In fact, there are at least 2 groups that are doing tech breakfasts. Check them out!

Akron Tech Breakfast

Organized by the Akron/Canton web meetup, a bunch of techies meet for breakfast on Tuesday mornings.  You can find out more about the when/where here:

Cleveland Tech Breakfast

Organized by the Cleveland JavaScript Meetup, a bunch of techies meet for breakfast on Wednesday mornings.  You can find out more about the when/where here:


Know of any other groups meeting for breakfast?  Let us know on Twitter as @clevtechevents or drop me an email at admin at this domain!

Cleveland GiveCamp 2014 Call for Volunteers Open!
Jun 13th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

In case you haven’t heard yet, the call for volunteers for Cleveland GiveCamp 2014 is open!

We are looking for all sorts of roles, including (but not limited to):

  • Business Analysts – in the past, we’ve helped 20+ non-profits each GiveCamp.  In order to understand the scope of the project, we need business analysts to be able to gather requirements from the non-profits and work with the teams on making the project do-able over the weekend.
  • Developers – especially if you’ve had experience with content management systems or mobile development, as we get many projects that involve these
  • Designers – someone has to make these projects look pretty. And some developer types (like myself) can’t create beautiful apps without your guidance!  In years past, designers have been few and far between and in high demand.  So we’d love more!
  • UX Peeps – we need who understand user experience to help offer their insight and help shepherd teams in the right direction.
  • Copywriters – while our non-profits know their businesses, they may not be able to articulate it well to market it well.  We need help writing copy for websites or other scenarios.
  • Non-technical and other volunteers – while the phenomenal Al Bell and Kevin Dutkiewicz will be around with their cameras and the social media team will be back to help with the Tweets, book of Faces, and other teams, we still have other roles to fill.  From food staff and other behind-the-scenes staff, there are other roles to fill.

I’m looking forward to being back again, and I hope to work with many of you at Cleveland GiveCamp this summer!  What are you waiting for?  Go sign up today!

CloudDevelop Call for Presentations Open
Jun 13th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

My friend Jared Faris asked me to pass this on.  If you have any cloud computing related topics, definitely consider speaking at this conference.  This is a conference organized by a passionate tech community that would love to see the tech community in general represented, regardless of location.

CloudDevelop 2014 Columbus, OH on October 17th. CFP ends June 27th.

For CloudDevelop, I’m looking to find speakers talking about app dev, BI/big data, dev-ops, business and legal topics. We’re a platform agnostic conference so content related to Azure, AWS, Heroku, and a myriad of other platforms is all welcome.

To submit to CloudDevelop, go here:

Akron Tech/Creative Folks Towpath Bike Ride
Jun 13th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Want to get some fresh air? Need to get out from the offices and coffee shops? Come bike the Towpath Trail with other members of the Akron tech community. This is a new weekly event we’re trying out. There’s no set agenda and anyone is welcome to come.

We meet at the Mustill Store parking lot at 10 am Sundays. We start heading North or South, and we can go a few miles or head all the way up to Cleveland if everyone’s up to it. You can bike back on the trail, or hop on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway for $3 and ride back to the start.

For more details, check out

Cleveland Ruby Brigade with Kevin Berridge – 6/5
Jun 13th, 2014 by Joel Byler

Kevin Berridge, OOP: You’re Doing It Completely Wrong

Chances are, most of us are primarily writing in Object Oriented Languages. But how many of us are truly doing Object Oriented Programming (OOP)? Objects are a powerful abstraction, but when all we do is write procedural code wrapped in classes we’re not realizing their benefits. That’s the tricky thing about OO, it’s easy to have Objects but still not be doing good OOP. This has led to a plethora of principles and patterns and laws, which are very valuable, but also easy to misunderstand and misapply. In this talk we’ll go back to the foundations of Objects, and take a careful look at what OO is really about and how our principles and patterns fit into the big picture. We’ll see why good OOP is important, and look at the mindset needed to design successful Objects. When we’re done, we’ll have a more nuanced understanding of what good OO is, what it can do for us, and when we should use it.
Come hang out with Kevin Berridge for the evening and listen to his advice about OOP. Kevin, originally gave this talk at the Stir Trek conference earlier this year and I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from those who were in attendance. This will be a fun and educational night. Hope to see you there!

As always, we will have a Kata posted for those who would like to come early and pair with someone.

6-7pm – Kata / Pairing / Networking
7-?pm – Kevin’s Presentation

* there will be space available if you’re interested in Kata / Pairing / Networking for the entire event.

Ohio North SQL Server User Group Update for 6/4 Meeting
Jun 2nd, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

From Allen White and Erin Stellato over at Ohio North SQL Server User Group…

We will not have Mark Souza as a speaker this week.  Due to some very unfortunate circumstances in his life, he is not able to come to Cleveland.  We hope he will be able to come a meeting later this year.

We are still planning to have a meeting on Wednesday night, with a pre-meeting recorded session starting at 5 PM.

We were not able to find a replacement session, so this week we’ll try something new with an open forum for the entire group.  We will have a moderator for the session, and anyone can ask anything to the group.  It can be technical, non-technical, career-related – no topic is off the table.  Anyone from the group can help answer questions, and we’ll go until we answer them all, or we run out of time.  So start making a list of your questions, your biggest challenges at work, and come prepared to share your own experiences as well.  We’ll see you on Wednesday!

If you haven’t RSVPed for the meeting yet, be sure to stop by at


Father Daughter Hack Day – 6/14
Jun 2nd, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Celebrate Father’s Day by learning to code with your Dad, daughter, grandpa, uncle or friend. All ages 9 + are welcome. 


Enjoy the holiday learning to code and building a real web project together that you can take with you after the workshop. It’s easy to get started – you don’t have to know how to code. Our workshop is led by women and men working in technology careers so you get real-world insights into this craft. And it’s being hosted on a boat (how cool is that?) so you will get to enjoy the beautiful view of downtown Cleveland right on the lake as you learn the foundation of HTML and tools to get you making real web pages in just a few hours. 


Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Time: 9:30 am – 2:00pm

Location: LeanDog 

1151 North Marginal Road, Cleveland, OH, 44114

(boat docked at Burke Lakefront Airport. FREE parking.)


Cost: $50 for each team (2 people)


Register at


More info at:

New contributors to the Cleveland Tech Events site!
May 28th, 2014 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

After spending many years maintaining this site by myself, I’ve reached out to the community to see if others were interested in helping with the site.  I received a few responses, and I’ve finally created accounts for them.  Look forward to more news from the community straight from the members of the community.

If you want to be a contributor, ping me at admin at this site’s domain!

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